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We like

to Think...

A Place Where
The World Needs
Creative Brains
Can Get Together
To Make a Difference
Got a Creative Brain?

We've got a place for that.

Based in London & Amsterdam, TICKBIRD&RHINO is a home for talented, curious and creative folk. It's a place for meeting up and getting to know each other.

​​​​We gather together people from all backgrounds to create a unique mix of creative brains. We have painters, lawyers and poets; engineers, filmmakers, physicists and chefs; and doctors, homemakers and academics (and the list keeps on growing).

​We take big ideas and make them accessible in different ways – from socials and salon-like evenings to workshops and collaborations - but always in ways everyone can understand. Then, we capture the magic that happens when you get interesting people thinking, talking and working together and we take it out into the world.

We bring people together
in creative conversation and collaboration.

​​If you think you have a lot to offer and want to get together with others who feel the same way, join us by clicking the link:

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