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Exploration Events
Collaborations with Clients

Social Occasions & other Events

Bringing together the TICKBIRD&RHINO Community.


Our regularly scheduled events come in many different forms. From easy evenings of mixing it up to more facilitated interactions, these are casual and fun ways of meeting others face-to-face. And in this age of social media we think that's a necessity!

Our events give you a chance to meet others, engage with new ideas while providing you with lots of opportunities to share your own.

We never lecture, we only talk.  Dialogue is our middle name. (Well, it's not, but you know what we mean.)

Simple Socials

We meet, we chat, we relax.


Focused Socials

We meet, we chat, we relax.

But with a theme.


Mixing it up with different ideas from 2 presenters,

surprising perspectives and an audience keen to find out more.


5 people, one subject, 5 minutes. Who knows where it'll lead?

We certainly don't.

The Big Ask

One question, lots of answers.

All of them yours.

TbR in 3D 

Dinner, Drinks, Discussion

This is match-making for the creative brain!


Immersive Engagements with Clients

Off-site Insights & On-Site Interventions connect clients in a hands-on way to the Independent thinkers & makers in the TICKBIRD&RHINO Creative Network.

We put creative practitioners into the middle of the mix, engaging from within. We look for a mash-up of multiple disciplines to engage the client and their own teams in ways that take them comfortably & enthusiastically into new frontiers of problem-solving. 

From exploring how economic trends can mimic the swirling murmurations of birds in the sky, or how mixing paint can change the ways of seeing society, we use the creative practice to address our clients' problems from widely differing perspectives.

These unique collaborations help the client understand and re-address their own thinking, seeing what they've gotten right while learning where they may be going wrong.


TICKBIRD&RHINO isn't here to give you the same ol' answers, we're here to help you find the way to better ones that - most importantly - make sense to your organisation.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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