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unexpected outcomes

23 June 2020

At Tickbird&Rhino, our goal has always been to bring people together and explore fascinating ideas through great conversation. That hasn't changed during these challenging times, and with the wonders of modern technology by our side we continue to do just that.

For this online panel discussion we gathered together an incredible group of accomplished people from around the world and got them talking about the things currently occupying their time. Working in the arts, sciences and public health, each is a leader in their field and we asked them to come together to discuss how the current crisis has changed what they do and how they do it.

As is usual for our kinds of events, once we start the conversation we let it unfold naturally and follow wherever it takes us on the night. In this case the evening evolved into a fascinating discussion that covered everything from open science to the pandemic-fueled existential crisis being experienced in many professions as the world grapples with understanding our new 'normal'.

Unexpected Outcomes

If you're interested in reading questions and comments from the audience click the link:


Gowri Gopalakrishna (Amsterdam) – Epidemiologist. Gowri is currently examining research integrity through a large-scale survey funded by the Dutch government. Actively involved in the SARS epidemic (2003) and now COVID-19, her interest is in open science and the impact of "speed science" during the pandemic.
Zisis Kozlakidis (Lyon) – Virologist. Zisis is the Head of Labs and Biobanking at WHO / Int'l Agency for Cancer Research, and European contact for National Institutes of Health (US). He is part of the Tickbird&Rhino collaboration Shift Happens: Ephemeral Transformations, a remodelling of epidemics in sound.
Colby Benari (London) - Portrait painter. Colby is co-founder of, an organisation working to "sort shit out and save the world" through the support of artists and women leaders. Colby is also head of the Academic Careers Office at University College London developing the careers of scientists internationally.
Jana Miniarikova (Amsterdam) – Geneticist. Jana is co-developer of a breakthrough gene therapy for Huntington's disease. She is the CEO and co-founder of ScientiCore, an organisation that acts as the "connective tissue" between researchers, bringing them together to help accelerate scientific advancement.
Roland van Dierendonck (Oslo) – Bio-artist/Educator. Roland works in multiple media, utilising the unpredictability of living matter at the intersection of science, art and technology. He recently organised and led workshops to create work that explores the societal and economic impact of the pandemic.
Kitty Liao (Cambridge) – Engineer. Kitty's background is in multi-disciplinary system design in low temperature settings. She worked at CERN until taking part in a humanitarian hackathon that led her to found Ideabatic, a company developing SMILE, the “Smart Last-mile Vaccination Cooling System” for delivering vaccines to challenging destinations.
Bill Paxton (Liverpool) – Virologist. Bill holds a chair in Global Health at the University of Liverpool where he “studies the outlier” in host viral interactions. Originally focussed on HIV, then HCV and Ebola, he and his team have now turned to SARS-CoV-2 to aid with the urgent response to the pandemic.
Irene Nooren (Amsterdam) - Scientist/Philosopher. Irene has a background in biophysical chemistry and biomolecular structures. Her research blends biological processes with informatics for society. She currently manages innovation on the bridge between science and digital infrastructures.

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