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There is no Us and Them

There is only Us

We are Mutualists

Working Together


In Co-Ordinated Co-Operation
Doing what we all do best
Changing the way things are done
What's in a Name?

The love affair between tickbird and rhino illustrates mutualism, a relationship in which both parties benefit from the activity of the other.  In some cases this connection is so necessary that each couldn't live without the other. Another example is the bond all of us have with bacteria - it makes up so much of our bodies, we wouldn't be human without it (but as far as names go, we didn’t think GUTBACTERIA&HUMAN sounded nearly as nice as TICKBIRD&RHINO).

The rhino provides the bird with safe haven and something good to eat. The bird, returning the favour, keeps its host healthy and also acts as an early warning system, giving the rhino a heads-up when it needs to know something.

We think this nicely describes the relationship creative, independent people have with the world. The world gives these folk a home, while they, in turn, keep the world healthy and on its toes.


We're creating a place that recognises and supports this cross-discipline, mutualist relationship. We're enabling independent creative makers and thinkers to do what they do best, say what they have to say in whatever material or language they need to say it, all while working in partnership with each other and the world.

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