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People have been paid
To screw this World up
It's time Creative Brains
 a lot of money
get paid to fix it

Teams of


Building on the ideas of others
Listening well
Knowing there's always more than one right answer
The Creative Network

Along with providing a place for people with good ideas to meet up and get involved with each other, we're also creating a network of creative independent thinkers and makers from across disciplines who are available to work together. 


Some of us are photographers, or lawyers, or poets, physicists, doctors, painters, actors, coders, academics, architects, chefs, engineers, economists, and more.

If you're a creative brain seeking fresh perspective, wants the chance to do things differently, and plays well with others, give us a shout. We're always on the lookout for new, vibrant voices in your field of work.


Whether you're employed, self-employed or somewhere in between - we're looking for people with experience (hey, if you're alive, you probably already have this!), an ability to work in collaboration, and a passion for making things work.

And if you're that client who wants and needs some of this mixed-up, mashed-up, problem-solving talent working on your problems, get in touch.


That's why we're here.

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