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No Book Book Club #2
Because who has time to read the book?

Navigating the "Not Yet"

anticipating the future through AI

with Nathan Bayliss

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024

The Devereux Pub

We kicked off the new year and our second No Book Book Club with a fantastic conversation about Artificial Intelligence.

Artist Nathan Bayliss led the way, showing us examples of work he’s made during 6 years of research into the worlds of AI and technology.


It wasn't about AI making art, but how art can be used to better understand AI.


Nathan talked about the kinds of questions he thinks we should be asking as we venture out into this strange new world of ours and explored the idea that the machine learning model is a material - a dynamic archive that not only reflects how we live now, but provides valuable insight into the coming “Not Yet.”

Nathan's practice draws from a diverse range of sources including leading-edge research, contemporary media, surveillance capitalism and glitch art, as well as quantum physics and philosophy and in this presentation hopes to provoke a lively discussion that connects these themes directly to our everyday lived experience.

We had a full room and the conversation was lively and interesting, covering everything from the nuts and bolts of how AI works, to it's use in conflicts around the world.  The crowd was, as ever, knowledgeable and engaged, and they provided all of us with a stellar evening packed full with inspiring thoughts.

If you missed it, you missed a good one so think about joining us the next time around. If you do, you're bound to meet great people who have a lot of interesting things to say.

Nathan Bayliss is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the technologies that reconfigure contemporary life and asks: how can we hack them to reveal something new? His work covers social, political and personal narratives and spans a variety of technologies including AI, AR, VR, animation and film.

Nathan has been featured at Somerset House, Lumen Prize, Watermans Gallery, Art Machines (Hong Kong) and Currents New Media (USA) exhibition. He has also recently completed his dissertation on the emergent properties of AI as a medium and workshopped AI as a part of the SimBioSys exhibition at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Born in Australia, Nathan Bayliss moved to London in 2008 and now works from a studio in Hackney, East London. He founded motion design and VR studio Lightfield in 2016 and works with clients across advertising, corporate, fashion and charity sectors. He is currently completing an MFA in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London.

instagram: @_nate_bliss_


Tickbird&Rhino's No Book Book Club is what you get when you hold a book club but skip the book. Each evening we'll discover something new - it might be a talk, some art, a film or something found on-line. But whatever it is, it'll be interesting and accessible on the night. Then, like a book club, we'll lightly curate the conversation around it and get everyone talking.

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