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The World Needs

A Place where

Creative Brains

Can get together

To make a difference

Based in London & Amsterdam, TICKBIRD&RHINO is a home for talented, curious and creative folk. It's a place for meeting up and getting to know each other.

​​​​We gather together people from all kinds of backgrounds and different disciplines to create a unique mix of creative brains.


We take big ideas and make them accessible in different ways – from simple socials and salon-like evenings to workshops and collaborations.


Then, we capture the magic that happens when you get interesting people thinking, talking and working together and we take it out into the world.

We bring people together
in creative conversation and collaboration.

what we do

The Creative Network

Along with providing a place for people with good ideas to meet up and get involved with each other, we're also creating a network of creative independent thinkers and makers who are available to work together. 


Some of us are photographers, or lawyers, or poets, physicists, doctors, painters, actors, coders, academics, architects, chefs, engineers, economists, and more.

If you're a seeking fresh perspective and want the chance to do things differently give us a shout. We're always on the lookout for new, vibrant voices in your field of work.


Whether you're employed, self-employed or somewhere in between - we're looking for people with experience (hey, if you're alive, you probably have it), an ability to work in collaboration, and a passion for making things work.

And if you're working on a problem and want some of this mixed-up, mashed-up, problem-solving talent working with you, get in touch:

Special Events

Bringing together the TICKBIRD&RHINO Community.


Our regularly scheduled events bring together the TICKBIRD&RHINO community in many different forms. From easy evenings of mixing it up to more facilitated engagements, these are casual and fun ways of meeting others face-to-face. And in this age of social media we think that's a necessity!

Our events give you a chance to meet others, engage with new ideas while providing you with lots of opportunities to share your own.

We never lecture, we only talk.  Dialogue is our middle name. (Well, it's not, but you know what we mean.)


Because everybody loves a book club but who has time to read the book?

Themed evenings and curated conversations.


We meet, we chat, we relax.



Mixing it up with different ideas from 2 presenters,

surprising perspectives and an audience keen to find out more.

5 FOR 5

5 people, one subject, 5 minutes each. Who knows where it'll lead?

We certainly don't.

TbR in 3D

Dinner, Drinks, Discussion


Partnerships between two or more people from different disciplines.

Working together to create unique solutions

We match-make
Creative Brains

our story

The Story

...behind the name

The love affair between tickbird and rhino illustrates mutualism, a relationship in which both parties benefit from the activity of the other.  In some cases this connection is so necessary that each couldn't live without the other. Another example is the bond all of us have with bacteria - it makes up so much of our bodies, we wouldn't be human without it -- but as far as names go, we didn’t think GUT BACTERIA&HUMAN sounded nearly as nice as TICKBIRD&RHINO.

The rhino provides the bird with safe haven and something good to eat. The bird, returning the favour, keeps its host healthy and also acts as an early warning system, giving the rhino a heads-up when it needs to know something's up.

We think this nicely describes the relationship creative, independent people have with the world. The world gives these folk a home, while they, in turn, keep the world healthy and on its toes.


We're creating a place that recognises and supports this cross-discipline, mutualist relationship. We're enabling independent creative makers and thinkers to do what they do best, say what they have to say in whatever material or language they need to say it, all while working in partnership with each other and the world.

...behind the Idea

There's a fantastic dynamic that happens when you fill a room with fascinating and engaged people from different worlds.


Like the best party ever, you get great conversation and amazing ideas. Each person has something interesting to offer. Whether she's a lawyer with a passion for poetry or he's a chef playing with particle physics, or even a painter into plumbing, each sees the world in a unique way, and has even more unique ways of managing their place in it.

Unfortunately, once the party's over, those unique connections get left behind; those great ideas are often forgotten.

But right now, the world can use just as many great ideas as it can get its hands on. So we thought what we needed to do was figure out a way to capture that magic - a way to connect these independent and creative people with each other as well as with the people who need them most.


That's how the idea for TICKBIRD&RHINO was born.


...behind the story

We're just a bunch of people who think there needs to be some changes made in the way the working world works. We've all had experience in different disciplines around the world. Along the way we've discovered there's a huge resource of skills, talent and creativity that could be better connected to the people and organisations who need it most.





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Click on any of the photographs for more information.
join in

Join In

If what we're saying sounds interesting and you want to join the TICKBIRD&RHINO Community to hear more, put your name and email address in the form above. We'll keep you updated on our progress and send you information and invitations to upcoming events.

And if you like the idea of our Creative Network and think you'd like to join it, let us know. Add a little bit about yourself - the kind of work you do and what you're interested in - and we'll be in touch just as soon as we can.

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Don't worry, we won't use your information for anything other than TICKBIRD&RHINO. We are GDPR Compliant and hold our lists at Mailchimp. If you want to know more, email us and we'll fill you in.

Mailing Address: 69 Gordon Rd, London SE15 2AF, United Kingdom

Registered address: Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Ave, London N3 2JU, United Kingdom

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