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Sarah Christies
Jag Minhas

16 April 2018

A fantastic evening of fascinating discussion about technology in its many different forms - from the kind of active 'low' tech we all rely upon everyday whenever we reach out and use our hands, to the passive 'high' tech that challenges us ethically in a  world concerned about privacy and personal information.

All seen through the lens of creativity.
And always with a little humour thrown in.

It's just the kind of evening we like to have.


Thought Provoking and Fun.

Sarah Christie is an artist and practicing ceramicist.
She works with medical students examining the sense of touch and how it affects their daily experience within the health industry. 

Jag Minhas is a digital services pioneer working at the
leading edge of facial recognition technology.
He's building the next generation of interactive kit coming sooner than you think to a world near you.

Each talked about what, why and how they do what they do. 

For the first half of the evening, Sarah and Jag were in conversation with each other investigating the connections that exist between their two worlds.

They explored how these deeper meanings reflect upon our own lives and, in the  second half of the evening, that conversation generated fantastic questions from the audience that led to a very lively discussion about technology and empathy and the kinds of things we'll all be dealing with in the years to come.

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