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At every Tickbird&Rhino event there are so many conversations taking place and great ideas being shared that it would be nearly impossible for us cover everything that happens.  


But we also think that telling the story of our experiences is important, and the unique way in which we tell them is just as important as the stories themselves. 


The poet Paul Taylor is a regular attendee of our events and since he's a master at capturing the mood of a room in words, we thought we'd offer you an alternative view of what happens when a Tickbird&Rhino crowd gathers together.


Below you'll find a selection of Paul's poems that have been inspired by our lively events.


Along with poetry, Paul is also a jazz trombonist and he's got a lot of great things going on, so if you'd like to find out more  about him, his poetry and his performance, visit his site:


Experiments in Sonic Life Writing

The Horse Hospital, London

March 19, 2024


here we sit then

in a twilight corner

primed and prompted

by posters and vitrines

Albert Hall of fame

Ginsberg memorabilia

though not nudged

to parade naked

such a thing being

according to disgruntled Beatles

not done in front of the birds

sitting in darkness

in the old horse hospital


hoping to hear the right message

contemplating apoptosis

at ten million cell deaths per second

phagocytes tuning in to

find me and eat me signalling

death ligands and falling blebs

on the extrinsic death receptor pathway

tickled pink with cancer cartoonery

Krankenhausfunk hospital radiation

drip feed speech

desert ailing discs

sonic minings and undermoanings

gayatri mantra blinking at

ginsberg's Kodak mantra

oncology gardening

physicked by botany

leaf-wound bootlegs

plant rhythm sections

transcribed bio-electrics

for wound-healing audio

sonification of the spud's

poke me and eat me signalling

musical migrations with

the Madagascan pink periwinkle

being electrical

being soothed.

Paul Taylor 2024


Anticipating the future through AI

The Devereux Pub, London

January 23, 2024

Not Yet and Yet

tumbled into it

staring into the vid

bereft of frames

like old Teddy West’s biology class

as he silently chalks a diagram

and we meekly sketch

for no good reason

a map of the college plumbing


what do we have here

the artifices of indulgence

intertriggerings of digerati

scatter flutter ensembles

haemorrhoidal polaroids

45 degree tumbleweed

videos like failed dreams

the architecture of nausea


luckily we are joined

by Bia the dog

hot on the trail

of digital footprints

ears pricking

as bird calls dance in data sets

lamenting in latent space

with ghostly signalling


we try to focus

feeling vey diffracted

then up pops Bruno Latour

a temporal artefact

if ever there was one

while under the table

Bia mumbles something

gives me a nudge


giving thanks

for the unknown provenance

of unknown providence

we chew over a rhizome

fuelling our flexing

of infovasculature

overcoming lossy compression

with recursive processing


we contemplate

implied consent

promptly engineered with

implied contempt

read the farcebook phrasebook

move fast and break things

a slogan well-received

Bia’s tail a blur

Paul Taylor 2024

TASTING TYPE: Adventures in Perception

The Devereux Pub, London

November 27th, 2023


a chilly Monday evening
loping through lawyerland
tracking down
The Ampersand Arms
where eager ascenders
would find a bookless book club
set up as a fontfest
a typosensorium
betwixt the temples

here we would discover
if our experience
would be congruent
with our anticipation

as the slides duly showed
enabling font ratings
and type rightings
we strived to distinguish
implied limbic meaning from
implied social meaning
while the dingbats below us
pounded a pub quiz

through the floorboards
further enabling us
to judge a pub by its signs
of impaired social meaning

tabulating the superadditivity
of shop-front semiotics
and the marginal gains
of Lord Font-le-roi
we absorbed the cranking alignments
of outspoken characters

putting a boldface on it
I ventured to point out
that claims of constructed realities

were not justified
and might even
in this old Grecian Coffee House
be greeking

it seemed doubtful too
that Sapir and Whorf
merited a raised cap
but the dim remains
of a drawn-out pint
were raised for Erving Goffman
before we headed off
to face the codes.

Paul Taylor 2023


The Horse Hospital

October 23rd, 2019


across the cobbles

we slip out of rain

descending the ramp

by invitation

into the old horse hospital

by invitation

a virus enters a computer

a virus entails a computation

sounding out its own designs


bleak waves hover and waver

over the rumble of RNA gongs

as we sit in darkness

pondering the sound trails

for cellular disruption

unfolding and ramifying

in an endless knell

tendrils of trouble

winding out in steel pan demonium


in snapshots along the lines

of ordered elements

in this organic system

we may try to predict variations

as we sit in darkness

feel a frown become a smile

a fidget become scribble

a stoop turn into a sip

focus mutate into daydreams


at any location

along the sequence

this may turn into that

timeline positions

shuffle spatial relations

our internal melodies

beating against noise

seeking solace in the tree of life

from Brazilian flu.

Paul Taylor 2019


The Gladstone Arms

June 10th, 2019


as the light dimmed

we saw them

simulating body tissue

spinning protons

calibrating voxels

murdering ants on the doorstep



levitating balls of chrome

secreting pineapple slices

in Archimedean solids

of paraffin wax


in the early phase

of sticky darkening

sugariness and degradation

we remained moulded in

plastic denial syndrome


decoupling from fossil feedstocks

as the ethanol kicked in

we were soon seeing triple


aloft in a Boeing Dreamliner

worth half its weight in plastic

we enjoy

a vinegar whiff

of foam crumble

in coconut oil


resplendent in cellulose nitrate

we recycle Cunard crockery

for deep sea dining

on fish outnumbered

by their own plastic ghosts


there in the museum

there in some unfathomable

double bond formation


Bendy Bunny Benjy

in his tailored suit

declines in a yellowing blow chair

his oxidized ear footloose

in plasticizer migration


unsettled by the twirling

casein knitting needles

of Larry the Lamb

ruing the bright lights of showbiz

warping and cracking

in delambination


and so we shape up

to polymerize our solidarities

for the multidimensional printing of

a cyclic economy

cartoon idealizations

a cyclic economy

fairphone mobilizations

a cyclic economy

the right to repair

a cyclic economy.

Paul Taylor 2019


The Gladstone Arms

November 3rd, 2018


upstairs at The Glad

shuffling into a little room

at the last minute

for a colloquy on complexity

we learn that

we are self-organized

into a super-confined space

and relieved to find seats

though we are unable

from the front row

to detect at this gathering

any coupling in compound systems

at the back there


as we ponder

the physics of failure

pints are plonked

next to a magic box

projecting the past

onto the wall


adjusting our focus as we go

we reel

from exploding spaceships

to the mysterious diffusion

of horse meat

across a bewildered Europe

where herded boffins

saddled with responsibility

parade box files of expertise

along a horse-shoe table


plagued by politics

and the choke-holds of commerce

our systems raise alarm

averse to dirt & dexterity

our de-skilled fingers

flit & fumble

on touch-screen toys


future generations

good luck permitting

may look back fondly

on the flightless hordes

ploughing runways for runner beans


or the Russian bikers

testing to destruction

the just-in-time system

losing to beta particles

on a chase through Chernobyl


what is it we need?

resilience & diligence

fail-safes & futured thinking


to re-cognize

the meaning of mistakes

the errors of our ways


unsure of science any more

the tickbird wonders

if she's backing the wrong horse


our answer must be

a wry no.

Paul Taylor 2018


The Islington Townhouse

June 1st, 2018


For Dr Giles Camplin

the pub a box of cackle

and canned music

our eyes roll skyward

our bubbles of speech

turn to balloons

I wonder out loud

about a forgotten firm

would-be airship freighters

at the turn of the century


the new face and old hand

knows first-hand

elucidates a Teutonic tale

of buoyancy & defeat

a project making Fuller fly again

sponsoring Your Private Sky

a conference for all of us

flying the flag

for Buckminster Fuller


decades of designs

geometrical journeyings

the poetry of form

the formation of livingry

technics & synergetics

summarized & annotated

celebrated there & then

by the late great Steve Lacy

on soprano saxophone


and so we rose above it all

with dirigibles

with cloud structures

till the time came

to drift away.

Paul Taylor 2018


The Wheatsheaf

April 16, 2018



Sarah Christie shares

the fruits of research


Professor Lemon says

ten times more data flows

from hand to brain

than heads from skull to fist

how do we feel about that?


from Thomas Couture

a picture of ill-health

Harlequin wails at the wall

Pierrot lies ill in bed

the good doctor

blinded by science

absently takes his pulse

the charlady stoops

but not to concur

as he stares blankly at the empties

ignoring the lobster


Sarah's doctors slow down sight

drawing conclusions from palpable pappules

feeling their way to ceramic sensibilities

in a bag of darkness

being patiently observant

being patiently


Jag Minhas journeyed

all the way from astrophysics

offering black-boxed visions

of the squared smile



with the inane rictuses of celebrities

his neural networks

aggregate our grins

charting happy space

a building being

as Corbusier didn't say

a machine for laughing in


bowing to beams

the wit chief presides


red box tick box

touchy issues

leaded windows

loaded wonders

retail beach head

resting bitch face

valence & arousal

the tenderness of robots


taking the family out

on a driverless drive

is that my Mum in a Packard?

and is she pleased to see me?


how your big smiley face

can get stuffed

at a big mac kiosk

with no side order of shame


meanwhile the motion detector

shows Dad sloping off

destination clocked

by a potion detector


the tickbird has heard enough

there sits the rhino in the room

ignoring the lobster.

Paul Taylor 2018


The Islington Townhouse

Friday, March 09, 2018



engaging with the engaging

tapping creativities

we tunnel through noise

conversations paired and impaired

by compulsory muzak

Andrea? Angela?

Chinese whispers

without the whispering


is medical practice

enhanced by pottering?

Jenny? Genghis?

scattering references

Sinking Fast In Snow

Thinking Faster, Sloth

The Inner Game of Tennyson

The Tipping Pint


money talk

with the man raising funds

Arthur? Athol?

for the British Art Foundation

fighting the pain and misery

we and our families endure

when it plays up

when it fails.

Paul Taylor 2018

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