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Drawing Dialogue

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Drawing Dialogue:

On the London Loop

Walks with

Foster Spragge

October / November 2018

For more details on each walk, click below:

During the month of October, the artist Foster Spragge began to work on one of her unique Walking Drawings whilst following the London Loop. 


Tickbird&Rhino extended an invitation to anyone who wanted to join the artist in exploration and conversation as she journeyed around London on foot, drawing and "thinking at the speed of walking."

As this work comes together over the next few weeks in preparation for exhibition we will be bringing you other events to see what came of the walks and talk even more with Foster about what they mean to her.

The London Loop is a series of walks within the M25 that cover 150 miles, weaving in, out and around the edge of London.

Foster started her walk in Erith, East London, on the south side of the Thames. She then circled the city clockwise over the course of 15 days making marks on her paper as she walked.


Each day's walk ranged between 8-1/2 and 14 miles. 

After 15 days of walking, the journey ended once again in East London, this time on the north side of the river in Purfleet.

Along the way the majority of walks were within the boundaries of the corporation of London but were still defined by big sky & rolling hills, fields and forests. There was industrial wilderness and wilderness wilderness as well as many horses and hay bales. There was contemporary architecture, the commuter belt suburbs and any number of ancient buildings and monuments to see. And for all the people who live in this grand conurbation, there weren't very many around (in fact, there were more to be found on the last day than in the other 14 walks combined!)


If you want to learn what a magnificent city this is, these walks are the way to do it.  


This was a fantastic way to see parts of London we don't usually see and talk with a fascinating artist about place and home (amongst many other things). 

Known for artwork centred in time and place, Foster's practice covers many different media - it is an unfettered process with works emerging from detailed research and mesmeric method resulting in unconscious outcome.

Her current work involves a series of drawings created whilst investigating, walking and/or swimming in real time through specific environments - making marks that resonate within her sense of self and place.


The routes she follows are dictated by a set of predetermined directions in urban landscapes (Walking Home) or a set path exploring the length of the River Thames (Walk West Swim East).


Drawing Dialogues on the London Loop continues this theme of exploration of place.

For more info on the Drawing Dialogue Walks:

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