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ongoing collaboration


Natural Patterns, Infectious Diseases and Emergent Music

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis is Head of Laboratory and Biobanking at the International Agency for Research on Cancer / WHO (World Health Organisation). He is also a virologist and Innovation Fellow at UCL working on the front-line of diseases outbreaks around the world.

Jockel Liess is an audiovisual artist and composer specialising in live-generative audiovisual systems that create abstract, meditative environments.

Jockel and Zisis will be working together throughout 2018/19, exploring new ways of interpreting the mathematical modelling of real-life infectious diseases outbreaks. 

Bringing these traditional models to beautiful and intriguing life through non-traditional, self-generative sound & image, they hope to re-shape our understanding of epidemics, creating new and more accessible ways of engaging with the information while providing the opportunity to reassess what we think we already know, and how we know it.

Over the course of the collaboration we'll be holding update events to show you how things are progressing and, of course, there'll also be a final presentation event where the results of the collaboration will be unveiled. 

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