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Virus into Sound

Jockel Liess
Dr. Zisis Kozlakidis

OCT 23 2019

The Horse Hospital

The Colonnade, Bloomsbury

London WC1N 1JD

JOCKEL & ZISIS are back!

On Wednesday evening, October 23rd we brought you the first results in EPHEMERAL TRANSFORMATIONS, the ongoing collaboration between the artist JOCKEL LIESS and virologist DR ZISIS KOZLAKIDIS.


It was a fantastic evening in the evocative surroundings of Bloomsbury's Horse Hospital where we listened to Jockel's interpretation of the H1N1 Flu virus and then had a wide ranging conversation exploring how he transformed its genetic data into sound.

Jockel & Zisis also talked about the progress of their work over the last 18 months and answered questions about the projects applications and where it might lead in the future.

At TICKBIRD&RHINO we think there’s nothing better than hanging out with fascinating people, talking about interesting things and, much like the introduction of Ephemeral Transformations that started it all, this evening was just as inspiring and full of great conversation.

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis is Head of Laboratory and Biobanking at the International Agency for Research on Cancer / WHO (World Health Organisation). He is also a virologist and Innovation Fellow at UCL working on the front-line of diseases outbreaks around the world.

Jockel Liess is an audiovisual artist and composer specialising in live-generative audiovisual systems that create abstract, meditative environments.

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