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Forensic Photography

and the Framework of Fragrance


John RA Smith


Sarah McCartney

APRIL 25, 2019

25 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia
London W1T 1JB

Sarah McCartney comes to us from 4160 Tuesdays, a micro-perfumery based in London.  Sarah works with individuals and organisations to create unique, hand-made scents that reflect time and place. She also develops multi-sensory experiences for theatre and music performance. Sarah will be talking about the world of fragrance and our olfactory senses. She'll also tell us what it's like to design a scent for a parosmic (someone who's lost the sense of smell) and perfumes that aren't for wearing.

John RA Smith is a Forensic Imaging Specialist, expert witness and senior lecturer at the University of Westminster. Specialising in fingerprint imaging, John imparts advice, practice and training to forensic science providers. John’s work often explores the interface where human perception meets technology and with this in mind he’ll be talking about the nature of knowledge, the reliability of memories and how narrative images are used within a forensic context.

Each described what, why and how they do what they do and were in conversation with each other and the audience, investigating the connections that exist between their two worlds and exploring how these deeper meanings reflect upon our own lives.

An odd mix, but that's what makes it interesting.

This was a Tickbird&Rhino Salon
an easy-going room full of fascinating people
engaging in great conversation about very interesting topics.

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