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The TbR Team

Mat Clum FRSA

Mat has done all sorts of things over the years. Born in the US, he studied philosophy, fine art and architecture, before having a professional life in New York City. There he worked primarily in the fashion and branding biz. He's designed fabric & clothes, run more than one life-style business, owned a shop, worked as a director of communications and designed retail furniture. Probably some other stuff, too.

At the turn of the Century, Mat moved to London to paint while laterally exploring language at the intersection of art and science.  Along the way he's worked with private clients designing residences here and abroad, consulted in image & branding and also does a bit of data management design. He's also a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.

Most importantly, though, Mat co-curated Ideas-Matter-Sphere, an organisation that presented salon-style talks between artists and others. That experience (and a traumatic US election and UK referendum along the way) provided the inspiration for Tickbird&Rhino.

Sujata Majumdar

Born and raised in London and living in Amsterdam since 2001, Sujata studied photography, physics and the natural sciences. She's worked in the technology sectors of telecoms, banking and healthcare and now makes art crossing back and forth between these areas.

Woven into her artwork are a number of projects ranging from recycling education and practice in Lesbos, Greece; creative re-use of water purification by-products in the Netherlands; and inspiring FabLab use in younger generations of textile artisans in Gujarat, India.

Initially interested in presenting a talk on her 'desirable dossiers' project (dreaming the electronic health record) she's found herself drawn deeper into Tickbird&Rhino and is now integrally involved in the daily running of the organisation as well as being our European representative.

Sean Oldham

Sean Oldham has spent enough time in London for it to become a working part of his mind. Having had an international education there, and having subsequently hung out with exiles in his home town, another, welcome dimension has been added to it.


In a fairly long career as a painter and decorator he has become most interested in the effects of colour and light upon the interior, and is interested in the psychodynamic aspects of decoration, often unlocking a narrative for unwitting clients within an architectural project. 

Sean's the guy who gets things done for Tickbird&Rhino.

Gail McAnena

Gail is a political activist, Labour councillor and firm believer in the power of collaboration and creativity. So of course, she fits Tickbird&Rhino perfectly. Gail handles our PR and merchandising, amongst many other things.


Since she's got that 'youth thing' going on she also juggles us not-having a social media presence (which, believe it or not, takes almost as much time as having a social media presence).

paul taylor.jpg

Paul Taylor

Paul is our chronicler and bard. He  writes and performs as a solo artist in a project known as Trombone Poetry. He tells the Stories We Tell.


Paul is also a freelance musician (yes, he's for hire!) and leads two trios: Click Beetle, which plays his many compositions, and The Blowpipes Trombrone Trio, which plays classical, folk, jazz and whatnot.


News of all these musical and literary activities is chronicled in the Trombonicle mailing list. He also writes and edits science and philosophy book reviews for The Skeptic, and is planning to publish a book of poetry and a study of Buckminster Fuller, amongst other works.

Omid Miri

Omid works on strategy for Tickbird&Rhino. With a background in politics and policy, he is particularly interested in how networks of creative people can innovate and effect change independently of government.


He also runs the 2050 Project, a think tank bridging the gap between the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and politics, and has a professional background in commercial events organising.

Omid is currently on an open sabbatical as he works in Westminster. He'd spend more time with us if he could, but we all know that at the moment UK politics needs him more than we do so we're happy to give him the room he needs.

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