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5 for 5 - AMSTERDAM

Five People

One Subject

Five Minutes

September 28, 2018

Aambeeldstraat 10
1021 KB Amsterdam

Awareness of the damage caused by plastics in the environment is growing and our need to find ways to reverse it, grows along with it.   

What do we need to do to change the way we think of the products we make? How do we complete the "materials loop" so every product is made with its re-use in mind? How do we make circular design a natural, automatic and self-evident practice accessible to everyone?

Our five panellists come from the arts, the sciences and branding. Each talked
for five minutes about their own plastic dreams.They challenged the way we see
our plastic world and helped us re-think the way we design our products and use our raw materials.

After a lively back-and-forth discussion the entire room joined in for an inspiring evening of great conversation.

engaging evenings

interesting people

great ideas

inspiring conversations

creative surroundings


Oscar Brocades Zaalberg

Founder of BPO; development engineering and optimisation of products worldwide


Merijn Bolink 

Artist flirting with science and image recognition 


Lennaert Kiemeneij

Founder of Craptic, making recycling easier and more rewarding for a larger audience


Foster Spragge

Artist using mesmeric method, resulting in unconscious outcome


Anna Borsboom

As a trendwatcher and stylist, Anna is looking into what makes people tick

Our aim is to raise more questions than answers, reframing the subject from new and surprising perspectives. 

This event was supported by:

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