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Capturing Emotion in the Built Environment

18 October 2018


Jag Minhas


Andrew McStay

Jag Minhas is a digital services pioneer working at the leading edge of human emotion-recognition technology. His company Sensing Feeling is building the next generation of interactive emotion-sensing products that are coming sooner than you think to a world near you.

Andrew McStay is Professor of Digital Life at Bangor University and the author of Emotional AI: The Rise of Empathic Media, an investigation into empathic media technologies that have the ability to interpret our feelings, emotions and moods.

Set within within an award-winning architectural practice, the evening began with a demonstration of Jag's emotion capture technology. He explained how it works and talked about the history of its development while examining the technology's potential for changing the way people and their environments interact with each other.

Following the demonstration, Andrew considered the implications of the technology and the impact it will have on all of our lives in the years to come.  He raised questions about the ethics of passive information gathering and challenged the audience to think clearly about its application and use.

Throughout the event intriguing questions and observations were raised by the attendees and the event focused as much on the conversation these ideas generated as it did on the presentation itself.


Like all Tickbird&Rhino events, the dialogue created between the participants enhanced the audience's creative thinking while at the same time challenged the presenters own ideas, helping them to better understand the real-time implications of their own work.

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