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Roundtable Discussion

Foster Spragge
Project Participants

17 November 2019

Brixton Tate Library
Brixton Oval
London SW2 1JQ

On Sunday, November 17th, TICKBIRD&RHINO hosted a roundtable discussion with Foster Spragge and twenty participants who took part in the exhibition, Somewhere In-Between.

Somewhere In-Between is a unique, interactive collaboration curated by Foster that links 50 books with 48 artworks and 44 libraries.  The project brings together work from artists to architects, curators to comedy writers and poets to performers, all responding to a selection of books chosen by librarians, each making a suggestion based on another librarian's previously selected book. This chain reaction created an ever-expanding network of associations with fascinating results.

Our roundtable was an opportunity to learn about the origins of the project, how it developed and the experiences of the participants, librarians and publishers as it unfolded over time.

If you'd like more information about this project including a full list of the participants and libraries involved please visit:

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