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No Book Book Club #1
Because who has time to read the book?

Tasting Type:

adventures in perception

with Sarah Hyndman

Monday, Nov. 27, 2023

The Devereux Pub

To read the poem by Paul Taylor that was inspired by the night's events

Tickbird&Rhino's No Book Book Club is what you get when you hold a book club but skip the book. Each evening we'll cover something new - it might be a talk, some art, a film or something found on-line. But whatever it is, it'll be interesting and accessible on the night. Then, like a book club, we'll lightly curate the conversation around it and get everyone talking.


Our Adventures in Perception was kicked off by Sarah Hyndman from Type Tasting who led us through her research into the world of typography, exploring how the appearance of words transforms what we think, feel, taste and do.

Sarah showed how choosing a typeface can affect the way we experience our food - making it sweeter, or maybe more sour - and how it can be used to motivate us to exercise more and stress less. We talked about how different fonts evoke specific moods and what the kind of typography you like says about your personality.


And throughout it all we tested out Sarah's ideas in real time with simple demonstrations.


Since Tickbird&Rhino events are always about the conversation, following the presentation we had a very lively discussion involving everyone in the room.

Sarah Hyndman is the founder of Type Tasting ( and the author of books including the bestselling Why Fonts Matter. She’s a TEDx speaker, a regular on television and radio, and a judge for the D&AD awards.


Sarah been measuring our emotional and multisensory responses to typography since 2013. She co-publishes studies with Professor Charles Spence of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford and is chef Heston Blumenthal’s font science expert.

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