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Our organisation was founded on the belief that people need to meet and collaborate face-to-face and in-real-life, to truly understand the truth of what others are trying to tell us. Needless to say this has been difficult to acheive over these past few years and even moreso when you have an audience like ours - highly intelligent and well-informed about current science and the best practice for protecting your community in times of crisis. 

We're still dedicated to this ideal but as we put the pandemic behind us and come out of our shells, we now begin to recognise the even higher hills of climate chaos and global instability that remain in front of us - and we're finding that an even more daunting task than what's come before. 

For now we're going to give ourselves some more time to question who we are in this new world and how we want to be in it.

​We don’t have answers yet, but we’re working on it and hopefully in just a short time we'll be back with a new iteration of Tickbird&Rhino that more comfortably fits the new rhythm of life in 2022.


In the meantime, continue to turn your thoughts towards the future and consider what it is you’d like it to be. 

And then talk to others about it.

Stay healthy,

Mat, Sujata, Sean and Gail

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